Arche’ International was founded by Geoffrey and Kathy Hichborn in 2009.

 What we do: We have changed our focus on children’s issues and to link up with other like-focused organizations. We are also linking up with other organizations to get Bibles into the hands of the spiritually hungry in several countries. We began with Uganda, and Pakistan. Our passion is to help people to know the WORD. The WORD of GOD is the only way human beings will be transformed from sinners to people of holiness and righteousness.

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The same up to: Jesus has instructed us to aid children causes and to get HIS WORD out. Then pick-up: This would not be possible without the faithful giving of partners like you. It is our goal that hope is restored in those who have no hope, and that they will begin to see that GOD cares deeply for them and their situations. Remove the other!  Thank YOU

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