We were so honored to join in support of iStand Parent Network as they went before The Congressional Committee, The Senate, The State Department and FBI to discuss parental child abduction. Noelle Hunter, a founding member of iStand is equally a parent who also experienced her own daughter, Muna kidnapped in 2011. She was a parent, alone in her plight with the return of her daughter. It wasn’t until 2014 that her fight would come to an end with the Western African country, and receive her daughter Muna back. Now Noelle plus a few other parents fight for the return of kidnapped children to their legal guardians, a parent who loves them very much. iStand did a tremendous job advocating for the kidnapped children, who are victims of their kidnapper parents. They are a voice for those babes who have no voice or choice. iStand stood before each official requesting that The Goldman Act be enforced. The very law Congress unanimously voted on in 2014 and the President signed but has yet been enforced to bring American children home. We believe in their goal to bring Justice for these children.