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About Arche’ International

Our Team – Arche’ International

A Word from Kathy Hichborn

Arche’ International is based out of California, USA. It was founded by Geoffrey and Kathy Hichborn in 2009. We are an organization that is linking up with other non-profit organizations to do a greater good for the people we are serving. Our team is made up of many individuals with talents and gifts that will be utilized to strengthen and aid the people we are reaching out to. Along with our established team here in the US, we also are blessed to have volunteers that are joining our efforts to fulfill the vision. We will work together for the greater good of the people to help transform communities in to self-sustaining entities. Every person involved in Arche’ International is valued. This work can not be accomplished by one individual but with the unity of many individuals with the same heart, goal and talents, to make a difference in the lives of those who have no where to turn.


What We Do

Arche’ International is a non-profit group seeking to provide quality of life improvements in locations throughout the world.

We have changed our focus on children’s issues and to link up with other like-focused organizations. We are also linking up with other organizations to get Bibles into the hands of the spiritually hungry in several countries. We began with Uganda, and Pakistan. Our passion is to help people to know the WORD. The WORD of GOD is the only way human beings will be transformed from sinners to people of holiness and righteousness.

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In the world of outreaches and missions it has become clear that progress cannot be enacted at its fullest potential without the participation of caring people who will partner with us in the realm of finances. Arche’ works with integrity, honesty and efficiency to carry out the work that Jesus has instructed us to do.

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